SILO Maintenance

Grain Marketing Board offers Silo plant refurbishment through its qualified Technical personnel. The Technical personnel has a wide range of experience in grain handling Machinery. The technical staff also offers recommendations to Modifications of assemblies and Machinery to achieve high productivity and plant availability. They are also capable of executing modifications and complex plant installations to the design specifications. For plant efficiency, availability and effective plant utilization please contact us.

The technical department through its highly qualified and experienced personnel offers plant inspection prior to plant shut down maintenance. A comprehensive report of required spares, estimated cost and estimated time to execute the works can be compiled.

Conveyor Belts and Chains

We refurbish conveyors which include replacement of worn out rollers, bearings and reconditioning of the gearbox. We also replace worn out conveyor belts and chains.


The Technical staff inspect transmission belt and elevator buckets. If there is need, buckets and belts are replaced. The bearings can be lubricated or replaced depending on the condition. Worn out elevator casing, gearbox and electric motors can be reconditioned or serviced depending on the condition.

Grain Cleaners

Reconditioning of Grain cleaner sieves, eccentric bearings, feed rolls and related chutes during shut down maintenance.

Bagging Off Plant

Scales are reconditioned and calibrated to comply with Trade Measures

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