Fumigation Services

The Grain Marketing Board offers client fumigation as a commercial service. The main area of use of fumigation lies in the control of insects, their eggs, larvae and pupae in the stored produce. As the fumigants are highly toxic to mammals, treatment also has a useful side effect on rodents. This also means, however, that fumigants are extremely toxic to humans and that therefore fumigations is only allowed to be carried out by well-trained staff Correctly applied, fumigants are entirely successful. The tiny gas molecules easily penetrate large stacks right into the individual grains, reaching and killing all stages of development of the pests.

Contact Insecticides

We also carry out disinfestations in warehouses, storerooms, etc. Two contact insecticides used for disinfestations are Actellic Super and Cooperfos.

Laboratory Services

We do Woven Polypropylene Grain Bag Tests for conformance to set specifications. Properties we test are as follows:

  • Weave construction
  • Dimensions (length and width)
  • Mass
  • Area yield
  • Resistance to dropping
  • Resistance to probing

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