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Stock feeds Manufacturing as at 31 May 2013
Project Background

The project idea was mooted by the Grain Marketing Board (GMB) and developed on the basis of the need to resuscitate the livestock industry which was shrinking dramatically over some years. Revenues generated from this project will be to cross subsidize the Strategic Grain Reserve.

The project building started in October 2005. During the period from mid 2008 to end of 2010 there was no meaningful progress due to hyper inflationary environment and subsequent lack of funding of the project. ·The estimated cost of the project is around 30 million United States Dollars. Project commissioning is expected beginning August 2013.

Product Range

The plant which has an initial production capacity of 10 metric tons per hour before any upgrading will produce the following products among other specific customer tailored products.

  1. Broiler Concentrate
  2. Broiler Starter Mash
  3. Broiler Finisher Mash
  4. Layers Concentrate
  5. Layer Mash
  6. Dog Meal
  7. High Protein Dog Meal
  8. Beef Fattening Meal
  9. Dairy Concentrate 27%
  10. Pig Concentrate
Channels Of Distribution
  1. GMB depot network
  2. Selected wholesalers
  3. Farmer organizations
  4. Selected retailers
  5. Own outlets
  1. Throughout Zimbabwe
  2. Southern African Development Community (SADC)
  3. Common Market for East and Southern Africa (COMESA)